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Posted (02/15/2006) - Phoenix Promotions, the company responsible for TheRaceSite.com and TheRaceMarket.com, are planning on reopening their contingency program to all levels of competitors in sportscar racing for the 2006 race season. The 2006 contingency package has options for the three different divisions of the company, TheRaceMarket.com, TheRaceSite.com, and Phoenix Promotions website design.

"This program was very successful particularly in the amateur division. It is our hopes that teams not only take advantage of it for themselves but also use it to benefit sponsors through our products and services," commented Phoenix Promotions Sales Executive Kelly Dougan.

Phoenix Promotions Website Design is one of the premiere companies for website design in the Motorsport industry. With easy to administrate, cost effective sites, the company has worked with clients such as Randy Pobst, SpeedSource Race Engineering, and HRPWorld.com. In 2006, the company is offering credit for website design in the following levels: - Professional Level 1st - $100 2nd - $75 3rd - $50 7th - $50 - Amateur Level 1st - $30 2nd - $20 3rd - $10 7th - $5

TheRaceSite.com went on-line in 1999 to create a single source for coverage of sportscar racing in North America. Free to the public, this advertising supported on-line magazine has provided cost effective advertising for its sponsors. Providing a very targeted demographic, the sportscar fan and competitor, the site has featured advertisers as varied as Acura, Hawk Brakes, and SpeedSource Race Engineering. In 2006 TheRaceSite.com is offering contingency credit for TheRaceSite.com advertising in the following levels: - Professional Level 1st - $200 2nd - $150 3rd - $100 7th - $100 - Amateur Level 1st - $100 2nd - $50 3rd - $25 7th - $25

TheRaceMarket.com is the place on line where sportscar fans can get merchandise, photography, and videos relating to their favorite drivers or teams. In addition to merchandise the site carries unique shop related items that are cutting edge in the market place. In addition to things such as Grand American season videos and Juha Lievonen Photography, and select automotive products TheRaceMarket is an excellent spot to find a gift for your favorite sportscar enthusiast. In 2006, TheRaceMarket.com is offering contingency credit for TheRaceMarket.com products in the following levels: - Professional Level 1st - $100 2nd - $75 3rd - $50 7th - $50 - Amateur Level 1st - $30 2nd - $20 3rd - $10 7th - $5

For more information on this program, please download the PDF at the beginning of this article.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contingency Program Requirements

Rules for Award Eligibility: In order to qualify for awards the following criteria must be met:

Sticker placement: - Separate stickers are required for each of the three programs. - Stickers will be approximately 3" by 9". - Stickers must be placed one on each side; or one on the front bumper and one on the rear bumper - Stickers are available by emailing Kelly Dougan, Contingency Program Manager - A photo must be sent in for Awards Eligiblity to Kelly Dougan at contingency@phoenixpromotions.com. Digital photos are preferred.

Results Verification: Forms and results can either be faxed to Phoenix Promotions (330) - 497-8102, or they can be sent via email to contingency@phoenixpromotions.com. Forms are available by contacting Kelly Dougan. In order to qualify for contingency, at least three cars must be entered in the contingency participant's class.

Definition of Professional Level and Amateur Level Racing: Series included in professional level racing: Grand Am Rolex, American Le Mans Series, Grand Am Cup, Speed World Challenge, Trans Am. Series included in amateur level racing: SCCA Nationals, SCCA Regionals, SCCA Solo, NASA On Track Competition Racing (for questions on other series, contact contingency@phoenixpromotions.com)
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