Website Services    
At Phoenix Promotions we understand that when we work with a client we are providing a solution -- not just selling cool technology. The sites we design are graphical – yet practical. Easy to navigate – yet informative.

Phoenix Promotions has put this philosopy to work designing sites for high profile clients from a broad industry range. From national race parts distributor, international racing star, Randy Peelers Fundraisers, we provide our clients with cutting edge, customizable website solutions.

One of the key advantages to the sites we design is that you, THE CLIENT, can easily update your site, keeping it fresh and current so visitors return on a regular basis. With no technical knowledge you can begin updating text, adding news articles, and uploading pictures. Our e-commerce clients have complete control over their catalog of products - adding, updating and deleting products on their schedule, not ours. If you can send an email, you can navigate our adminstration screens. (Read more about client maintenance here)

Many other companies require that you go through them for ALL CHANGES at their hourly billing rate – a hidden cost that isn't easily identifiable.