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Posted (10/25/2004) - North Canton, Ohio - TheRaceMarket.com recently went live with a brand new look that is sure to entice online shoppers searching for automotive shop and memorabilia items. TheRaceMarket.com has featured items such as EvapoRust and HRP World Racing t-shirts. The site now features selected photographs from race photographers and GOJO automotive technician gloves.

The new look provides a more professional appearance and added quality to consumers and manufacturers. In addition to the overall design of the site it now features a very distinguishable logo.

"We were going for a highly professional look. When you are dealing with online purchases your professionalism can really affect the confidence of consumers. I think what we have is a much more distinguishable appearance and something that will reinforce trust into the people that use our site to purchase motorsport necessities," states Wayne Nonnamaker of TheRaceMarket.com

The site created by Phoenix Promotions, Inc. now includes two main categories; automotive shop items and fan items. This is to allow an easier path to products and simplifies navigation.

"This is really exciting. The site is very clean and crisp. We look forward to bringing in more products and customers," added Nonnamaker.

Log on to TheRaceMarket.com today and take it for a test drive.

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