Traffic Reports     

Website traffic reporting is important.

When you design and publish a site, you need to know:
  • Are people coming to my site?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • I just started an ad campaign to drive traffic...Is it working?
  • Which pages on my site receive the most traffic?
At Phoenix Promotions we have invested in technology to allow you to track those very questions and many more.

Our website traffic reporting allows you to view daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports. It also allows you to view custom date ranges. And with hourly updating, your reports are as current as you need them.

Below is a small sample of reporting screens from this system. If you would like additional information on its limitless reporting potential, please feel free to email us (

(Click on any report for a larger view)

Visits by Hour of the Day
: This report allows you to understand what time of day visitors are coming to your site.

Referring Domain Report: This allows you to understand how users are finding your site. What pages on other sites are directing users towards your site?

Overview Dashboard Report: This report allows you to get a quick view of how much traffic your site experiences during specific report periods.

Search Engine Dashboard Report: This report allows you to understand which search engines are most effective and what terms visitors are using to find your site.