Client Maintenance     
Attracting and retaining visitors to your site requires that it always be up-to-date and fresh. Website maintenance is one of the key aspects organizations tend to overlook when choosing a website design partner. Before your site is even finished, its contents will need to be updated. When choosing your website solution provider, be sure to ask about the cost and ease of maintaining your site.

Below are screen shots demonstrating the simplicity of the Phoenix Promotions Administration Screens (click the photos to enlarge them). These screens allow you to keep your site up-to-date and fresh, on your own schedule and with no additional maintenance costs.

Client Maintenance Screen Shots:
News Administration:

Click the page above to see how easy it is to add your own news articles to your site.
Link Page Preferences:
This page allows you to control the look and color of your site without any help from Phoenix.
News Report of Number of Views:
With the Reports feature, you can easily see which articles are popular with your visitors and which are not.