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I like everything I see in these pages. How do I get started with Phoenix Promotions?

To get started, simply go to our purchase form and fill out the required information.

Once I have purchased the printing, how long will it take?
Each different print product has a different turn a round time. Some are 3-5 days, others are 2-4 weeks. Look at each specific product under our price sheet for more details.

Where does the artwork for my print job come from?
Some of our clients are very graphically savvy and like to create their own artwork and submit it to us. Many clients however utilize our Creative Services for this.

I have created my own artwork for print. What specifications do I need to follow?
Files should be created at 300 dpi and in CMYK color. Failure to do so may result in pixilation or muddy color. File format should be in .JPEG format. A 1/4" bleed should be added for all print items. Further technical questions should be forwarded to: support@phoenixpromotions.com

Any questions not answered here? Please email us at sales@phoenixpromotions.com.

(All prices quoted in U.S. Currency. Shipping charges are not included and will be billed at cost.)