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Posted (06/07/2004) - North Canton, Ohio -- TheRaceSite.com unveiled its new look for 2004. The new site now features a much more graphical interface, pictures on the home page, and easier access to racing news.

TheRaceSite.com content director, Wayne Nonnamaker, hopes to draw more loyal readers to the site with the enhanced look. "The new site is much more attractive but the quality and depth of the Motorsports news will remain the same," commented Nonnamaker. "We have worked hard on developing a site that is both pleasing to the eye as well as informative."

The site will continue to feature racing news from series such as American Le Mans , Grand American, Grand Am Cup, Trans Am, and World Challenge. It will feature news across North America and feature pictures, event calendars, results, and interviews of sportscar personalities.

One goal of the new site was to create greater visibility for advertisers. Marketing director Will Nonnamaker believes that goal was accomplished.

"If someone was reading an article and was scrolling down, we wanted to make sure that the advertisers' banner was still visible. This took some thought but I believe we have created something that will greatly benefit our current advertisers and those who have yet to sign on," remarked Nonnamaker.

The new site also features an "about" section for each of the racing series. This new addition gives fans a quick background on where and when each series started.

TheRaceSite.com has been the North American sport car news source since 1999.

Visit the remarkable new site at www.TheRaceSite.com.

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